5 ways to discover the rainforest differently

5 ways to discover the rainforest differently

The Osa Peninsula is mainly made up of the largest tropical rainforest on the Pacific coast. This forest is home to many endemic and/or endangered plant and animal species and half of the birds seen in Costa Rica. Hiking is the most common way to discover the rainforest. But they are other options to visit the rainforest around Corcovado: you can also discover it at night, on horseback, from the canopy, from the sea…

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1 - The rainforest at night

Discover the extraordinary jungle nightlife. The visit is led by a guide. You will walk in different ecosystems and see many animal species such as the red-eyed frog, kinkajou, armadillo, tarantula, ocelot, reptiles and many surprises…
Many tour operators and guides offer this option. We have selected two of them.

2 - The rainforest on horseback

horse-jungle-piro (1)
Discover the rainforest of the Peninsula on horseback is an excellent option. In general, the horses are not champions. They are small but very resistant and very respectful of their riders. We recommend three sites.

There are many options for a few hours tours in the forest or along the beach but also here are also several for crossing the peninsula on horseback with camping. (See below).

  • La Ponderosa in Dos Brazos / +506 6024-5064

3 - The rainforest from the canopy

An impressive way to discover the spectacular Osa jungle. You will discover the canopy of a primary forest, the incredible treetops, the fauna living in the heights of the forest …

4 - The rainforest from the sea

One of the particularities of the Golfo Dulce is that it is very deep and in some places the forest falls right into the water. There is no beach, no mangrove, the rainforest is in direct contact with the sea. It often happens in the rainy season that the mountain and the forest slide and disappear in the depths of the Gulf. The best way to see the rainforest from a distance and with this direct connection to the water is to take a boat ride on the Gulf. You can also discover the incredible wildlife of this tropical fjord.

5 - Multi-day trek with camping

river-piro-costa-rica (1)
One of the best ways to experience the rainforest is to walk and live in it. It is risky to do it alone, but there are several options for hiking through the peninsula organized by operators. You can cross the peninsula from Carate to La Tarde along the Corcovado. This is an incredible experience if you like adventure.

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